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Private Aircraft

Worldwide Aviation Ceramic Coating 

A unique specialised Ceramic Aircraft Coating giving ultimate protection for the extreme elements such as damaging UV rays, temperature extremes, pollution and moisture.

Supremecoat Aviation Is The Perfect Partner For Your Aircraft.

Step Onboard For The Ultimate Ceramic Coating Journey

You're no longer cleaning your aircraft, you're cleaning Supremecoat.

Why Choose Supremecoat?

Ceramic coatings are the superior way to protect the surface of your aircraft. With Supremecoat Aviation, you can be confident that your investment has unrivaled protection from UV damage, extreme temperature changes, oxidation and more! Keep your aircraft looking and performing its best while saving time by minimizing maintenance, cleaning and increasing the lifespan of your paintwork.

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Our high-performance nano-ceramic coating protects the surface of your aircraft from external elements that would otherwise damage the paint as well as giving a high gloss finish and ease of maintenance with its self-cleaning properties. Aircraft take off on the runway and climb to 35,000ft and then are subjected to adverse conditions. At their lowest, temperatures reach -50°C outside the plane, and along with excessive attacks from UV it can cause major deterioration of the paintwork, but we have all this covered.

After thorough research and testing, it has been found as well as Supremecoat Aviation Ceramic Coating creating a tough protective barrier to keep the aircraft in optimum condition, it also increases fuel efficiency by creating a smoother surface to decrease drag.

Private jets, small propeller planes, large passenger planes, cargo planes, helicopters and many more! Supremecoat has you covered.

Tailor-Made Coatings For You

Supremecoat has a variety of products and coatings for your aircraft.

  • 2 or 4 Year ceramic coatings

  • Interior carpet, fabrics, and leather coatings

  • Glass coatings

Alongside our protective coatings, we have formulated specific products to work in cohesion to keep the Supremecoat ceramic and therefore your aircraft in the best condition. Firstly is our Aviation Wash; A bio-degradable shampoo for all external surfaces of your aircraft available in 5L or 25L containers. Secondly our Universal Surface Cleaner (USC); A Multi-Purpose detailing spray for quickly cleaning the surface. 


About Supremecoat

Our products deliver exceptional quality at affordable prices for our customers across the world. With over 21 years' experience in the paint protection industry...

Our Supremecoat Global Sales & Operations Distribution Centres

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